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Reasons You Should Consider Tampa Bay to Buy Your Next Business:

There are many financial advantages to considering Tampa, Florida for your next business. The state of Florida boasts a number of tax exemptions that make the state very attractive to prospective business owners, and it even offers financial incentives for new business owners, don’t forget the affordability factor of the Sunshine State compared to other States.

Florida’s business friendly environment gives a great opportunity for a globally competitive business growth. Florida stands firmly in welcoming and supporting a new business with assistance that surpasses all other choices.

Here are some of the benefits to Incorporating your Business in the Sunshine State Florida:

  1. Anonymity: There is no disclosure requirement for a members of the business or the company and they can stay anonymous. All you’ll need is a representative agent.

  2. Limited Liability: The protection of the company’s principles and shareholders are limited in liability through the incorporation laws of the State of Florida hence giving protection to the personal assets in a business venture.

  3. Perpetual Existence: Even through change in ownership a Florida business has existence right in perpetuity through heirs after passing of the business owner.

  4. Corporation & PA Formalities: Through Florida corporation or PA you can have a professional appearance. Through the State of Florida’s Department of Corporation your business will get the protection and professionalism in it’s operation.

  5. Investment Capital: Florida corporation offers business flexibility in raising capital in State and out of State with the transferability option afforded to a Florida corporation.

  6. Transferability Factor: Florida’s business can transfer to another State through a simple assignment of stock certificate afforded to corporations.

  7. Efficiency Factor: A Florida business can be structured with low filing fees, allow stock option plans, favorable tax deductions and no capital requirement with an only a minimal $1000 investment get you started in your new business.

  8. For Profit Corporation: The laws of Florida allows you to operate a corporation with only one director who could operate as the president, secretary and treasurer. This cannot be done in other States with it’s individual requirements for positions held within a corporation.

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